Oz Concept 2 Rowers

The Evolution of the Concept 2 Rower. In this page we provide a history of the Concept 2 rower and it should help you identify your particular machine of interest. At Oz Concept2 Rower, we can provide parts for any machine listed upon request.

Concept 2 Model A

Manufacture Dates ; 1981–1986
No longer in production

Main Characteristics

*Handle: Wood with black grips

*Flywheel: Bicycle wheel with black flaps in the spokes *Footboards: Wood

*Other: Speedometer vs electronic monitor

Concept 2 Model D

Manufacture Dates ; July 2003 – Present

Updated in August 2006 with the following features: 

*Modified monorail artwork 

*Redesigned foot stretchers 

*Updated frame lock mechanism 

Main Characteristics 

*Colour: Light grey (shown at left) or black (late July 2012 – present) 

*Grey and light blue (August 2006 – late July 2012) 

*Blue and light blue (July 2003 – August 2006) 

*Handle: Ergonomic handle featuring a 10 degree bend 

*Flywheel Housing: Damper setting numbers moulded into the flywheel cover


July 2003 – Present

Main Characteristics

*Updated in August 2006 with the following features:

*Modified monorail artwork

*Redesigned foot stretchers

*Updated frame lock mechanism Main Characteristics Colour: *Light metallic grey finish with dark blue-grey accents Seat Height: 20 inches from the floor Monitor Arm: Fixed


Manufacture Dates ; November 2010 – Present

Main Characteristics

*Movement: While rowing, the foot stretchers and the seat move on the monorail to simulate the feel of rowing on the water. *Colour: Light metallic grey finish with dark blue-grey accents. *Seat Height: 21 inches from the floor

*Monitor Arm: Adjustable

Concept 2 Skierg

Manufacture Dates ; May 2009 – Present

Main Characteristics 

Colour: Light grey 

Wall Mounted Height: 87 in/221 cm 

Free Standing Height: 88 in/223.5 cm